Maine repair welding

Repair Welding

At Maine Welding Company we specialize in repair welding of all types, including equipment, machinery, trucks and structural welding repair.

All of our welding repair work is done in a timely manner, adhering to the highest quality standards possible, by certified welders and is guaranteed.

The primary methods of repair welding include shielded metal arc welding, TIG?and MIG welding, depending on the application.

In repair welding, we seek the cause of the failure and strengthen the areas of stress in order to prevent any future failures.

The first step in repair welding is removal of the damaged metal,?cutting away the damaged area and removal of all rough edges to ensure proper fit-up of the pieces. It is important to fully grind out all cracks, even beyond what is visible, because the slightest remnant of a defect will continue cracking even after a weld is laid over it.

Choosing the correct filler material is critical. All components should be replaced with a material that meets or exceeds the strength of the parent material. Each application varies in mechanical properties, such as the required strength, ductility, impact and wear resistance. An exact filler material match ensures quality?welds and longevity, and prevents?premature failure and downtime.