** MIG Welding Advantages**

(1) The major advantage of MIG welding is that high quality welds can be produced much faster than with SMAW or TIG welding.

(2) Since a flux is not used in MIG welding, there is no chance for the entrapment of slag in the weld metal.

(3) The gas shield protects the arc so that there is very little loss of alloying elements as the metal transfers across the arc. Only minor weld spatter is produced, and it is easily removed.

(4) This process is versatile and can be used with a wide variety of metals and alloys, including aluminum, copper, magnesium, nickel, and many of their alloys, as well as iron and most of its alloys. The process can be operated in several ways, including semi- and fully automatic. MIG welding is widely used by many industries for welding a broad variety of materials, parts, and structures.

MIG Welding Disadvantages

(1) The major disadvantage of MIG Welding is that it cannot be used reliably in the vertical or overhead welding positions due to the high heat input and the fluidity of the weld puddle.

(2) The equipment is complex compared to equipment used for the shielded metal-arc welding process.