Flux-Cored Arc Welding Welding Cables.

**(a) The welding cables and connectors are used to connect the power source to the welding gun and to the work. These cables are normally made of copper. The cable consists of hundreds of wires that are enclosed in an insulated casing of natural or synthetic rubber. The cable that connects the power source to the welding gun is called the electrode lead. In semiautomatic welding, this cable is often part of the cable assembly, which also includes the shielding gas hose and the conduit that the electrode wire is fed through. For machine or automatic welding, the electrode lead is normally separate. The cable that connects the work to the power source is called the work lead. The work leads are usually connected to the work by pinchers, clamps, or a bolt.

(b) The size of the welding cables used depends on the output capacity of the welding machine, the duty cycle of the machine, and the distance between the welding machine and the work. Cable sizes range from the smallest AWG No 8 to AWG No 4/0 with amperage ratings of 75 amperes on up. Table 10-20 shows recommended cable sizes for use with different welding currents and cable lengths. A cable that is too small may become too hot during welding. Flux-Cored arc Welding cable sizes