Custom weldingMaine Welding Company provides custom welding and fabrication services.

Top Quality Custom Welding

When a pre-fabricated piece doesn’t exist or won’t work for a particular application, custom welding enables you to get the right part for the job.

We utilize custom welding techniques, that provide more precise control of the weld, eliminate heat distortion, as well as slag and spatter generated during the welding process. This results in high quality, visually appealing welds that will last.

In all of our custom welding, we strive to create the most structurally sound, and aesthetically pleasing welds possible.

Paying special attention to detail, cleanliness and proper welding procedures, ensures you get the quality of welding your custom design deserves.

Custom welding can greatly enhance existing equipment?or enable the creation of completely unique pieces.

Your custom designs can be fabricated from the metal of your choice, including aluminum, stainless steel and?iron.

Custom Welding & Fabrication includes: